I was always afraid of personal training but Liz has changed that. I am very comfortable. She is a highly educated trainer who I feel cares about me as a person as well. Gotta love that. -Linda Corsi

For the first time in many years, I am optimistic about getting the results I want. Liz is a wonderful person to have on your team-and I’m so glad I met her! She is reachable, approachable, tough-but not abrasive, and genuinely cares about my progress (whether it be correcting my form, listening to my complaints, or nutrition). If you need someone in your corner Elizabeth Murphy is your girl! You won’t be disappointed. Sore, but not disappointed.         -Emily Frances

Liz will push you, this is not an hour spent in your comfort zone. She finds innovative movements to help you reach your short and long term goals but expect to put the work in when she has you for that hour. -Jay Gryta

When you work with Liz, you will see yourself change in positive ways and build confidence, self esteem, and a sense of motivation to stay on your fitness track. Never have I been as inspired to keep up my fitness as I have since I started working with Liz. -Jenny Maltais

Liz is amazing! She focuses on every client intently. She creates a unique program so her clients reach their fitness goals!! She genuinely cares about her clients health and happiness!!  -Hope Davis